Buy our Buddies Laptop
We have a friend who has bought himself a new toy and must part with his current laptop (ahem) for a Macbook. In his defense, he is a musician and...


Wobini for University of Nebraska
Wobini for University of Nebraska Kearney is available for free for a limited time. If you are in the Kearney area, Wobini for University of Nebraska Kearney is a valuable...


Why isn’t this button on there?
SMB Technology Consulting is open for business. Computer doesn’t work? Network broken? Computer caught the flu? Hard Drive Full? Is it time for an upgrade? Want a website? We can...


Cloud and Mobile Services

Google Apps for Business Development Rate
Web Hosting Development Rate
Domain Transfers Development Rate
Custom Website Development Rate
WordPress Website Development Rate
E-commerce Site Development Rate
Android Mobile Application Development Rate
Database Development Development Rate

Development Rate per Hour $60.00
Deposit required at signing 50.00%