Buy our Buddies Laptop
We have a friend who has bought himself a new toy and must part with his current laptop (ahem) for a Macbook. In his defense, he is a musician and...


Wobini for University of Nebraska
Wobini for University of Nebraska Kearney is available for free for a limited time. If you are in the Kearney area, Wobini for University of Nebraska Kearney is a valuable...


Why isn’t this button on there?
SMB Technology Consulting is open for business. Computer doesn’t work? Network broken? Computer caught the flu? Hard Drive Full? Is it time for an upgrade? Want a website? We can...


Scratching your head?

Is your computer running slow?
Is your computer infected?
Are you being bombarded with pop-ups?
Are new and unexpected toolbars appearing?
Do you keep getting random error messages?
Does your computer need to be updated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please get in contact with us! We will help you get things back up and running.

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